Our Story

Who are we?

We SRD RENEWABLES, A pioneer company with interest in battery operated vehicles “E-Rickshaw, E-Cart, E-Loader, E-Scooter and other battery operated vehicles” incorporated in 2012 has constantly came up with new trends in electric vehicle segment.

Our Aim

SRD Renewables is a pioneering company at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. Since its inception in 2012, SRD Renewables has been dedicated to transforming the way we travel with its range of battery-operated vehicles, including E-Rickshaws, E-Carts, E-Loaders, E-Scooters, and various other cutting-edge modes of transportation. With a relentless commitment to innovation, SRD Renewables has consistently set new trends in the electric vehicle segment, revolutionizing the way people move and making sustainable transportation a reality for all.

Reason Behind Our Success

One of the cornerstones of SRD Renewables’ success lies in its unwavering dedication to producing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. At the heart of their manufacturing process are top-of-the-line automatic machines that ensure the precision and efficiency required to create exceptional electric vehicles. These state-of-the-art machines not only streamline production but also enable SRD Renewables to maintain strict quality control standards, resulting in products that surpass customer expectations.

Our Strength

The strength of SRD Renewables lies not only in its cutting-edge technology and skilled workforce but also in its robust organizational structure. With over 500 employees, the company has fostered a vibrant and collaborative work environment, where expertise and creativity thrive. The diverse talents and backgrounds of SRD Renewables’ team members contribute to a holistic approach to electric vehicle development, encompassing engineering, design, and sustainability principles.

Eco Friendly

As an industry leader, SRD Renewables is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. By developing and promoting battery-operated vehicles, the company aims to significantly contribute to mitigating the adverse effects of traditional fossil fuel-powered transportation. With their forward-thinking approach, SRD Renewables is driving the adoption of clean energy solutions and empowering individuals and communities to embrace a greener and more sustainable future.